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The great shake-up: How reading The Artist’s Way changed my life

Some of our most-read stories of 2023

Glimmers: Why you need these small moments of joy in your mental health toolbox

Last-minute Amazon gifts for beauty junkies, stoney homies, coffee-holics, and ...

5 pro tips for booking your new year, new 'do

7 tips to get through a breakup or trauma – even during the holidays

Shop for yourself, and (finally) have a very merry holiday

Can stress be a good thing? And when does it turn into distress overload?

Atchoops! When incontinence happens to the best of us

Achoo! Why we pee a bit and what to do about incontinence

Non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks that taste better than the real thing

How to celebrate weddings when you know the vows don't always last

#HBDGAL to Debbie Millman, Kathleen Hanna, Bjork, and ...

The lasting power of gratitude, and a project to make it happen

Give the gift of winter blues prevention

My skin has never felt so soft and it's all because of SKINVIVE

On aging and style

Meet Sonya Kolowrat, the indie record label leader enjoying giving less f---s

My big plans to think about planning for the holidaze

Let’s start a new tradition this Thanksgiving: Losing those gender roles

Is fasting right for me? How to choose the right kind of fast in midlife

Gratitude: The simple way to improve your health in a complex world

The Midst submission guidelines

Let's menopause party! Intentional celebrations change the midlife vibe from drab to fab

That time Samantha Bee cried during a live interview when she saw her college friend

Part 2: Margaret Cho on the freedom of menopause

Margaret Cho is live, livid, and loving midlife freedom

Meet Kate Engler, the couples and sex therapist writing a book on Gen X relationships

Exclusive excerpt of "Sisterhood Heals" by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

What happens when Stacy London and some of the biggest names in menopause get together in NYC?

Saying “yes” to Botox: Why most Gen X women don’t raise a brow

Saying nothing doesn’t work: How to help a grieving friend

Strength training: Why women in their 40s need to start now

When ice cream makes you scream: how to identify and adapt to midlife food sensitivities

Stacy London on owning your prime

My dirty little secret: Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair

Why it’s never too late for trauma therapy

What’s next for Stacy London: more women's wellness events? A new style show?

When family ISN'T everything: how to go no-contact with a parent

Veganism may not be the answer to your midlife hormonal issues

Got perimenopause symptoms? Here's what happened in my first week on HRT

Where were you on 9/11?

The case for living apart from the one you love

Got midlife lady stink? 6 solutions to help with sweaty, irritable, or dry skin

How do I know if I'm perimenopausal?

#HBDGAL to Greta Gerwig, Lisa Kudrow, and ...

Afraid your life is ordinary? You might have koinophobia

Light ALL the candles on my milestone birthday cake!

Odele: Clean, affordable hair care that feels bougie as hell

Meet Linda Wattier, the Perennial helping women embrace wholehearted living

Can the DUTCH Test answer my hormonal questions?

Telogen effluvium: How to manage hair loss and its emotional fallout

Why I started smoking weed in my 40s — and why you should, too

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Is it a midlife crisis or a midlife recovery?

Hot flashes and summer weather: How to beat the heat

How to become a featured Midster

Why we don’t talk about perimenopause, HRT, or women’s pain

Nothing compares 2 U: RIP Sinead O’Connor

Finally! Elektra Health delivers the perimenopause and menopause support we deserve

What the f*ck is artificial menopause?

Meet Vanessa Torre, the midlife coach who’s building a Facebook community called Maximizing Midlife

Happy birthday, Alanis Morissette, Courteney Cox, and ...

Brooklyn DEI Editor Examines her Native Hawaiian Roots in Local, a Coming-of-Age Memoir

Can a midlife career pivot connect you to your true purpose?

A bra that doesn't suck

Meet Lara Levitan, the Chicago Xennial writing a novel about celebrity obsession

Screw over the hill. Women’s brains are upgraded after menopause

All-natural cotton and silk bras for GALs who hate wearing ’em

Perimenopause is hard on skin, hair, and nails. Natural nutrition can help.

Coming out in midlife, because it’s never too late to be who you really are

Cool readers for women, because you need to be able to read the fine print

Silver and Strong bodybuilder Ilene Block on starting a 60+ fitness revolution

Lions, crabs, and virgins, oh my! A Solstice gift guide for summer zodiac signs

Black women-owned beauty brands to try now

When your dad's a jerk, is it OK to accept his love?

Want to boost creativity, happiness & connection? Hit the road

Thank God Drew Barrymore lets it all hang out

We’re hiring! Freelance part-time social media manager

Going through it? Check out 7 amazing mental health podcasts for women

After years of body image struggles, Body Groove is teaching me to love my body

Managing food anxiety after a ‘geriatric pregnancy’

Can decluttering really make you happier?

At what age are we happiest and unhappiest?

The menopausal vagina: everything you need to know but were too afraid to ask

Thought about group coaching? Meet Badass Rebellion, the new movement for women in middle age

7 stories about the real deal of momhood, trying to get there, and skipping it altogether

10 years of sobriety later, I want to share my story with the rising number of women alcoholics

Makeup in your 40s: How to change it up

Burned out from the grown-up grind? Try kidulting.

5 of the best makeup products for glowing skin in your 40s

Does La Mer really work? Here's what happened when our writer tried the pricy skincare products for a year.

Does La Mer really work? Here’s what happened after I used the pricy skincare for a year.

Think you’re a late bloomer? Think again. It’s time to dream big.

Pregnant over 40: owning fear, embracing uncertainty, and the confidence of 39-year-old ovaries

Curious about conscious uncoupling? “Nesting” co-parenting is on the rise for good reason

#HBDGALs! Gloria Steinem, Rebel Wilson, and Jenny Slate celebrate 89, 43, and ...

Managing Midlife Anxiety

3 ways to navigate life with endometriosis

Midlife Millennials say their entire lives have been in crisis

Low energy, weight gain, irregular periods — could it be perimenopause or thyroid problems?

Get featured in The Midst and Jumble & Flow

Emily McDowell on menopause awareness, releasing the drama, and leaning into the messy middle

Get featured: Seeking inspiring women in their 40s and 50s for our editorial interview program

How to deal with meno-belly, according to a nutritionist

How to transition your skin care from winter to spring

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Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane

How to harness your negotiation superpower to get what you need and really want

How to age exuberantly

Why sex is best in your 40s — do you agree?

Revolutionize your life by doing less

Overwhelmed or exhausted? Try gentle productivity.

Dear Dixie: My husband is fine with me doing a threesome without him — but am I OK with it?

Foods that clear up brain fog + Ophira Eisenberg on punching dudes

Perimenopausal brain fog: A nutritionist’s guide to thinking clearly

Is this thing on?

A reclamation: How to pick the right tattoo in your 40s and beyond

Introducing The Midst, the gateway drug for the modern 40-something experience

Dear Dixie, I'm going through early menopause — how can I still feel part of the sisterhood?

Ophira Eisenberg on winning drinking contests, punching guys, and why Parenting is No Joke